Friday, May 13, 2011

conversation between failed aging diplomats

'certainly you were rebuffed, and in the nude. but do not hurdle to sweaty conclusions. she may not have understood the full breadth of your work, or the years of hard-won skill that would absolve any admittedly irreconcilable physical limitations. perhaps you moved more quickly than for which your halting methodical reputation allowed. perception, despite our long efforts to account for and coolly undermine it, is the trickiest illusion to undress.'

'yes, but... to abrogate... at that stage in the.... '

'yes -- we know. but obviously something occurred, following her inalienable display of desire as you hotly recant it, that wore short the goodwill your fast formulations produced; her long pants remained good and fastened! that fact, like any other, cannot just be pushed over and played with. she could not be persuaded towards what to you -- and to all of us! -- seemed the only rational outcome.'

'i forgot to turn the lights off.'

'that was probably it.'